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How to install a new wordpress site

Installing WordPress on the site in a simple way can be  done from the panel at the touch of a button. First : This action has a preview action to do – Create a new site (which serves as the infrastructure) to which we want to move the installation from the previous server. Under the “ All sites ” > Click the “ Create a new site ” button > We’ll enter the domain address that your site should be at the end of the process ( real domain address ) > Create a site

(For explanation, enter the link How to create a new website?), If you have already done this step, Continue reading.


Installing new wordpress

Click on the WordPress installation, fill in the fields in the window that opens choose the interface language of the admin panel to your site, username, etc.,

Fill in details in installing new WordPress

Then continue to quick plugins installing  from the list provided (optional), you can also Skip and move on with the installation.

Install extensions on the WordPress installation screen

That’s it, The installation process has been successfully completed . You can now connect to the WordPress management by a quick login button.

Site successfully established

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