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Managing Website Sharing – Permissions description

By using uPress management panel you can share access for a specific website (instead of sending username & password), and so you can control shared accesses for developers / promoters / marketers by setting a time limit or permission level.

There are 3 different permission levels for you to choose from – Website Manager, Developer, Administrator.


Website Manager permission is the lowest of the three in terms of the options that are available.
The available options in this permission level are:

  • Access to statistics
  • Logging in to the WordPress management interface
  • Access to the file change log
  • Downloading a backup for the website

Developer permission is a high access level which gives access to all the tools you need for work and development of the specific website.
The following options are available for this permission level:

  • Logging in to the WordPress management interface + managing addons, configuring automatic updates to the WordPress core and addons, turning on the maintenance mode and more.
  • Using the WordPress Clinic tool to scan and check security breaches for the website
  • Managing a CDN for the website
  • Installing an SSL certificate
  • Managing security blocks
  • Creating an email account under Inbox or under outer mail services
  • Managing the DNS area
  • Creating and managing developing environment
  • Access to the file manager and management of FTP accounts
  • Managing the website’s database
  • Using uPress’ website migration tool
  • Managing 301/302 redirections

Administrator permission is the highest permission level out of the three and gives access to all the options and tools that are available on the panel for the specific website in exception of canceling the subscription and changing the payment method.

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