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How do I withdraw commissions from the Partner Program?

If you have arrived here, you have already referred uPress to a number of customers and please accept our sincere thanks.

The minimum commission for requesting a Withdrawal is the accumulated amount of US$100.00 and is available after 45 days (provided the customers referred have made their first payments to uPress).

You can easily submit a Withdrawal request by connecting to the Affiliate Program Interface.

If you don’t have access details, please email us and we will send you the link.

לשונית Affiliate

After sending uPress an order for a Withdrawal, we will send you an email with precise details on how to continue the process.

כפתור בקשה למשיכת עמלות

Please note –affiliate fees are accrued. If you have a Storage Service Package with uPress, you can easily transfer these fees towards payment of your package. The choice is yours!

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