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Request to Migrate WordPress site from previous server

This procedure will allow uPress to perform a migration for you from your previous server.


Prior to starting the migration process, the user needs to Create a new site (which serves as the infrastructure) to which we want to move the installation from the previous server.

Under “All sites ” > Click “Create a new site”  and enter your real domain address

If you need help with creating a new site, please refer to our documentation here, If you have already completed this step, continue reading.

The procedure

Under Site management panel > Overview tab > click “Migration Request” 

First step

Check whether you have access information for the old server or that you want to move the site using a backup file.

site migration request step 1

Step 2

Provide your old server access information

Provide server details

Step 3 – Provide access information for your WordPress site

Site migration – WP details

Step 4 – You can add information and special notes. Click “Send a request”

site migration – special requests

This is the final step.
Once your request is submitted, our site transfer department will start the procedure and they will send you additional information requests if needed, or an email informing you about the transaction completion.

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