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How to set up my mail account on ios devices

There are two ways to set up an email account on your iOS device – Automatically or Manually .
In this tutorial we will explain the 2 ways, and how to set up your inbox created in inbox under your mobile device that uses ios.


Set up your email account automatically
If you use an email provider like iCloud, Google or Yahoo, you can automatically set up your email account with only your email address and password. > You need to manually set up your account .

  • Sign in to Definitions > Accounts and passwords And press Add an account. If you are using ios version 10.3.3 or older have switched to Definitions > Mail > Accounts and click Add account .
  • Select your email provider. In our case, click Other to manually add your account.

כיצד להגדיר את חשבון הInbox שלך בIphone
כיצד להגדיר את חשבון הInbox שלך בIphoneSet up your email account manually First, make sure you know the email settings for your account, and if you do not know them, you can sign in to uPress Admin Interface > Select the desired site > tab Email > Inbox account management , you can see all the required details on this screen. Then do the following:

  • Email / account name, email address (as written in uPress management interface), Password And a description for your account.

The app will try to find your email settings and finish setting up your account automatically. If your app finds your email settings, touch Done to complete your account setup.

If the application can not find your email settings, you must enter them manually, touch Next and then do the following:

  • Enter the information for Incoming Mail Server (imap pop as in the uPress Admin interface), Email address and password .
  • Enter the information for Outgoing Mail Server (smtp as in the uPress Admin interface), Email address and password .
  • Then touch the next.

If your account settings are correct, touch Save to finish the process. The application will validate all data, if the details are incorrect, you will be prompted to edit them and correct them.

כיצד להגדיר את חשבון הInbox שלך בIphone


If your email account is not working properly, try entering Advanced Settings (under the main account settings screen) and set up your incoming mail servers and leaving in a secure port as follows:

כיצד להגדיר את חשבון הInbox שלך בIphoneכיצד להגדיר את חשבון הInbox שלך בIphone


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