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How to Create an FTP account in uPress

creating an FTP account in uPress is easy - follow the next steps

This allows the creation of FTP accounts.
An FTP account allows access to the site files by utilizing a dedicated FTP client.

To create an FTP account:

  • Select Manage desired site
  • Select the Overview tab
  • Click “Manage FTP Accounts
  • Create an FTP account.
    If the domain name is www.demo.com, type the name of the desired account
    i.e. demo @ demo.com and select a password for this FTP account.

select the specific path you wish to generate the access to, by default the FTP access is to all the folders of your site.
If you wish to send the user/pass to your mail, mark the checkbox below.

how to add an FTP account to your site

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