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How do I unzip a ZIP file through the file manager?

This option allows you to upload a file to the File System under the site and unzip it via the File Manager.
To deploy a zip file through the File Manager, log in to the File Manager  via the Development tab > Open File Manager .

פתיחת מנהל קבצים

At the top of the screen, click “ Upload files ” or Drag the file to the file manager.

העלאת קובץ על ידי מנהל קבצים

Once the file has been uploaded, confirm the action and click the “ Done ” button.

אישור העלאת קובץ על ידי מנהל קבצים

You can now click the gear button next to the file you want to deploy, and in the menu that opens click the “ Unzip “.

פריסת קובץ על ידי מנהל קבצים

This is the same after selecting the unzip button. The system will spread the file directly to the file directory where the ZIP file is located

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