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When should I backup manually?

If you are about to change anything on your site (to the What feed additives or editing files), or in case you have a stable version of your website you want to preserve and use in the future – then it is recommended to create a manual backup which is saved on the server and will be retrievable directly through the uPress Admin Panel.

You have two types of backups available through the management panel:

1. Auto Backup – performed every day at a fixed time and available for 30 days thereafter. This backup does not affect your storage package.

2. Manual Backups – allows you to backup the site at any time and keep that backup in the system for future use.

Manual Backup is recommended if you have just finished working on your site and you want to back it up immediately without waiting for the system’s automatic backup.

Please note – manual backups do take up storage space and are calculated as part of your package.

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